Sunday, 23 June 2013


It's been one month since I arrived in Hong Kong, and it's gone so fast.  I started work one week after landing and it's been an epic adventure so far.  Hostels with no windows, black rain, typhoon warnings, and cheap cheap 7/11 beers.  I've met some great people and eaten some weird food, and it seems I'm only just scratching the surface of working out this crazy city!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Josh's Suffolk

Luckily, the weather was amazing for our trip to Suffolk.  In amidst a week of rain and grey skies we managed to have beautiful sunshine for two whole days - and even got our legs out! Considering it was snowing last month, it's quite an achievement in the UK.  Having an Australian around is a great excuse to see everything: castles, fish and chips, bit of seaside, many many old pubs.  A fantastic few days, thanks to our tour guide Josh!

Ani's Spider

I'm off to Asia next week so once more I'm starting to pack up my life.  I've been at the family home in London for two months which has been just enough time to procrastinate and then throw out and tidy up all of the rubbish I've held onto from my childhood.

I've rediscovered a pile of sketchbooks from my time in the USA back in 2010.  Back then I stayed with Ani and Bill, friends of a friend, who live north of New York by the Hudson River.  They were by far one of the kindest couples I've come across and were kind enough to let us sleep on  their sofa for as long as we needed.  Ani is Ukranian but had been living in the USA for about forty years with her American husband - although she still had her accent and plenty of stories of childhood and famine in the Ukraine.  Living in the leafy part of New York, on a large plot of land with deer, wild flowers, her dogs and cats, she had a love for nature and life that I found truly inspirational.  We spent our evenings eating large home dinners and drinking copious amounts of wine and spirits which often led to long arguments about politics, the kids these days and American life.  I doodled down some of her nuggets of wisdom which I am now trying to do justice to and create into something worthy.  This is, as ever, a work in progress.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cambodian Dogs

In Cambodia it is customary to leave your shoes outside, unfortunately the stray dogs like to take advantage of this.  I was woken up one night by the sound of dogs fighting outside my room and in the morning I found one of my shoes in the garden and the other one missing! Backpackers with only one pair of shoes - beware!

Friday, 12 April 2013

I've set up shop! Free shipping till 14th April!

Hi everyone! Exciting news - I've set up shop at Society6!

You can find my shop here.

This amazing website makes high quality prints of artwork as well as t-shirts, hoodies, laptop and iphone covers, and my favourite - cushion covers! Check it out, there are some great artists on there too.

Dad Stuff Throw Pillow Bald Man Framed Art Print

Forgotten Friends iPhone Case Ax and El Throw Pillow

If you see anything you like, click on the link below to get free shipping
(Until the 14th April, so get in there guys!)

I'm working on some new things right now so keep an eye out for them!

- Jenny

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Every Occasion

Lately, I've been drawing a lot of cards for special events, some of which I am quite happy with and ALL of which always end up being drawn whilst en route to wherever it is!  Not the best practise but I reckon they look OK and they always seem to make my friends happy!

My friend Steph did a birthday sky dive!

My boyfriend's Christmas present was tickets to the Alexander the Great exhibition at the Australian Museum, so I made him up as Alexander for Christmas! (His legs may look a little short, but this is true to life haha!)

And this was my parents' Christmas present - easy to post - it's a map showing scrappy doodles of all the things we did when they came over to visit.

My housemate got married this year! It's hard to convey how amazingly awesome him and his new wife are, so I resorted to the old centaur and mermaid combination! 
(Inspiration provided by Joel).

And this is where they got married! In the beautiful Blue Mountains. Stunning.

Sydney Escapades!

I love Sydney.

We bought bikes to get around, but unfortunately I am very good at losing our bike lights! Which meant we had to form the bike light train, one light on the front bike and one light on the back bike.  That is, until the boyfriend's bike got stolen.  Then I had all the lights!

That's not to say that I don't miss home.
The boyfriend has an interesting way of dealing with my occasional homesickness.  
Which, actually kind of works!

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